21 April 2009

Happy Birthday my Girl Iman

is My Iman 1st Birthday....

Mama & Daddy is so so proud with u Iman..see your achievement and progress development day by day..Syukur Alhamdullillah..We are so grateful to see u everyday in our eyes of journey..

Iman...special from Mama..Mama wish u Happy 1st Birthday..Mama love Iman so much..you're my destiny..my sunshine..my love...mama enjoy to see your growth..how u learn to walk (alhamdulillah now u can independently at ur step)..how u dance when u watch TV..how u laugh when someone 'ba ba cak'..how u 'merajuk' when mama and daddy pull ur toy...hahaha.......


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U are my SunShine..

U are my SunShine..
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